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Based on Marine Notice SEA-001, dated 07/20

This Section explains the examination system which reflects Parts A and B of the Code of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) 1978, as amended. This Notice also identifies examinations that have been developed.


The Liberian examination system applies to all personnel who are candidates for Liberian certification by examination as officers, ratings, or special qualifications.

Candidates holding valid equivalent certification from recognized maritime nations are also eligible for certificates issued by the Liberian Administration in accordance with STCW 1978, as amended, Regulation I/10 of the Annex to the Convention and the procedures described in the publication Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification (RLM-118).


1.0 Description

The Examination System:

.1 incorporates state-of-the-art techniques in producing, administering and grading examinations;

.2 is computer-generated from a database of over 10,000 questions, allowing almost infinite variation in the content of individual tests, thereby reducing the potential for compromise;

.3 employs multiple-choice question formatting so as to be fair and objective to all candidates and to reduce examination time;

.4 is administered in a continuously supervised and controlled environment, with all candidates receiving the same detailed but simplified instructions for taking the examination;

.5 includes testing for the professional knowledge, skills and abilities, including English language proficiency, as required by the STCW (1978), as amended;

.6 uses terminology which conforms to the International Maritime Organization Standard Marine Communication Phrases and the Systems International (SI) Units;

.7 is supported by a computerized seafarer database which provides for a detailed and complete historical record and the status of every seafarer who has received certification from this Administration;

.8 available online for officers via authorized training centers listed on

2.0 Effective Date

The effective date for the implementation of the revised examination system for all officers, ratings, and special qualifications is 1 September 2021.

3.0 Types of Examinations Available

3.1 Ocean-Going:

Navigation Management* Able/Ordinary Seaman/Able

Navigation Operational* Seafarer Deck/GP1/GP2

Engine Management* Oiler/Motorman/Able Seafarer

Engine Operational* Engine

3.2 Mobile Offshore Drill Units (MODU)

Offshore Installation Manager Able Seaman (MOU)

Barge Supervisor Survival Craft Crewman 

Ballast Control Operator

Maintenance Supervisor Oiler (MOU) Chief Electrician

Chief Mechanic

3.3 Near Coastal


*These examinations are available online

All examinations are available in English only.

3.4 English Language Proficiency

Candidates for all Officer certificates must demonstrate competence in the use and understanding of English in written and oral form through examination and assessment of evidence obtained from practical instruction administered by the proctor for the examination.

4.0 Application Procedures for Officer Certificates and Special Qualifications

4.1 For taking examination online at candidates should apply to the nearest authorized training center listed on that online portal.

4.2 Applications for examinations not available at the online portal should be received not later than 28 days before the date the candidate wishes to be examined.

4.3 All applications for Officer Certificates or Special Qualifications submitted in accordance with the provisions of the publication Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification (RLM-118) will be reviewed to determine whether an examination is required.

5.0 Examination and Grading Procedures

5.1 Examination

In the event of online examination, the applicant will liaise directly with the training center to agree on the date of the exam and receive access to the examination portal.  

If the applicant is taking an examination not available online and has not indicated a test center on the application, a notification letter will be sent to the applicant requesting this information. Upon receipt of the desired test center information, examination papers will be forwarded to the test center and the applicant will be advised by letter of the point of contact at the test center. The applicant will then be required to arrange directly with the test center a mutually agreeable date for taking the examination.

5.2 Grading

Passing grade for all Deputy Commissioner Examinations for both officers and ratings is 70%. 

Online examination results will be advised to the applicant by the respective training center. 

For all other applicants, the answer sheets will be forwarded by the test center to the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry in Virginia for grading, and they will be advised of the examination results by letter. 

6.0 Test Centers and Training Centers

6.1 Officer Certificates, Ratings, and Special Qualifications

A list of training centers that are authorized to process and proctor online exams can be located at: [insert link].

All Liberian regional offices, Liberian Approved training centers, or Liberian approved inspectors/auditors (upon special approval by the Administration) can proctor Liberian exams as a test center.

1. A list of Liberian offices is located at:

2. A list of Liberian approved Training Centers is located at:

3. A list of approved nautical Inspectors/Auditors can be requested from the Administration.  

6.2 Other Locations

Other test locations may be considered and utilized from time to time. If possible, requests from owners/agents to hold Special Group Examinations away from the designated test center will be fulfilled provided the requesting party assumes the administrative expenses including the examiner's transportation, lodging and meals, examination facility rental, assisting proctors' fees and related expenses.

7.0 Subject Matter of Examinations

7.1 Guideline Publications

A Guideline Publication for each deck, engineering and radio certificate grade is available, upon request, from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner. Each Guideline Publication includes a listing of examination facilities, a subject matter syllabus for each certificate grade in accordance with the STCW 1978, as amended, Code requirements, sample questions with an answer key, a list of materials that will be available for use by the candidate in the examination room, and a study bibliography.

7.2 List of Examination Guidelines

Navigation Officer - RLM-319

Engineer Officer - RLM-320

Deck Ratings and Survival Craft/Rescue Boat - RLM-322

Engine Room Ratings - RLM-323

MODU Officer - RLM-325

MODU Ratings - RLM-326

7.3 Requests

Address requests to:

Examination Supervisor LISCR, LLC

22980 Indian Creek Drive, Suite 200 Dulles, VA 20166 USA

Tel: (703) 790-3434

Fax: (703) 790-5655


Email: (online exams only)

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